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CAQ 2019 Eire Cup Team

21 April 2019

2019 Eire Cup Team Report

Left to right: Troy Mcallum, Lindsay David, Dave Luxmore (V/Capt), Greg Bury, Heather Knight, Willy Silk, Cynthia Tacey (Reserve and Manage), Deidre Hardy, Kathleen Colclough (Capt)

Over the past summer, while you were pouring one more gin and tonic and wrapping Christmas presents in your air-conditioned lounge room, the CAQ 2019 Association team were hard at practice on some very hot days.  With a lot of commitment, drinks and sunscreen the team slogged away at  the drills, ball movements and practice games required for their preparation.  And we loved it !   Our gratitude is extended to Toombul, Stephens, Bribie Island, Caloundra and Windsor Clubs for use of their lawns.  Without the generosity of your club members, we simply would not be prepared to play in a national level competition.  You are very important to us.  Thank you.

There is not glory in practice

After a tough practice match against the Queensland Challengers, played at Bribie Island Club, we finished our preparation with the Gibson Medal event  (won by Vice Captain Dave Luxmoore) and the Steve Jones event (won by team member Troy McCallum).  Then off to Perth.

Day 1

We played SA, the winning team from 2018.  We got off to a blinding start,  winning 3 of 4 doubles matches.  That set up a positive day for us.  Willy Silk hit the ground running by winning her doubles and both singles. Heather Knight and Dave Luxmoore pegged out their doubles with good long break play.  Deidre Hardy and Greg Bury won all 4 singles.  We won the day 13 to 7 and really brushed away the nerves.   We were on the scoreboard!

Day 2

NSW gave us a tough day at the office for mens and womens 1 and 2 positions.  NSW has excellent talent at that level and we were playing against international level players.  The score board was salvaged by great play from Heather and Willy who both won all 4 games.  We have some work to do at the highest level to pull games from this team next year.

Day 3

Playing against WA was neck and neck all day.  They have a strong mens line-up with both the winner and runner-up of the ACA Men's Singles competition in their team.  
2 all at the end of the doubles.   Then Troy pulled off a win against Mr Ian Dumergue, who played in the successful Australian MacRobertson Shield team.  Great stuff.
6 all at the end of the first round, and then 10 all at the end of the day!!!
Our depth in the women's singles lineup which scored winning margins of 8 10 19 26 14 9 and 10 meant that we took the day on hoops:  WA 298 to QLD 309  by 5.30pm - Wheeww.

Day 4

Against Vic, we struggled at the start of this day and felt on the ropes.  We came oh so close in 5 games, losing by 2, 3, 5, 5 and 6.  Close but no cigar.  Kathleen Colclough stood up for the day winning her doubles with Troy and then 2 close singles.  Lindsay David pulled out an early finish of 26 to 8 which was great play. But we lost to Vic on the day.  Something we will learn from.  

Day 5

The last challenge was Tas and we couldn't convert in the doubles.  We had several good singles wins, including Greg 26 to nil, Lindsay 26 to 13 and Kathleen 26 to 6.  It was not enough to overcome a few upsets we felt.  We appeared to run out of steam.  So this will feed into next year's preparation as well.

Player of the Series

This year's Player of the Series was Troy McCallum.  

Year in year out, Troy plays the toughest opponents in Australia.  In the last three years he has played 18 of the top 30 ranked players in Australia, including all those ranked 1 to 9.  Every player he has faced has been ranked 30 or higher.  His ranking is 37.  Half of his opponents were ranked in the Top 50 in the world, while his ranking is 137.  In the last 3 years, he has never played an opponent with a higher handicap!  And even in the face of this, he has won 7 games.

He never complains, drives hours to state practice weekends, positively contributes to other members and takes his place in the line-up.  He does the job Queenslanders ask of him.

To acknowledge his long commitment to the QLD State Team and his determination and attitude on the lawn, it was a pleasure to see the trophy awarded to this deserving player.

A player who makes a team great

Thank you to all those who sent message of support and congratulations to the team.  We read all messages in the morning meeting and were grateful for the support.  So please for the CAQ Golf Team who will play in Victoria in September, send as many texts (yes you can write on your phone these days)  emojis (those are those funny face things) Facebook waves (look for the little hand) and use those interweb thingy emails (the internet is open every day 9 to 5, no kidding,  I checked!) and give them a boost.  In the end, we really do play for Queensland!  Go the Maroons!

- Kathleen Colclough
Captain 2019 CAQ Eire Cup team


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