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CAQ Covid Safe Advisory

9 August 2021

We can play but ...

Queensland health officer announced at a press Conference today that we can play our sport subject to the following:

The SE Queensland lockdown ends at 4pm Sunday 8 August, but some restrictions continue. Issues relevant to Croquet Clubs and players follow.

  1. Recreational exercise only.
  2. The sport involves no contact.
  3. Masks are worn at ALL times – yes, wear your mask while playing.
  4. Maximum of 10 people gathering in one place.
  5. Retain social distancing.

Watch the relevant section of the press conference here: https://youtu.be/zjoAD3F_apU?t=420

Interpretation and explanation

Masks.    Must be worn when visiting the club including on the lawn during play. This requirement is different for the current restrictions period and exists to allow for recreational exercise to take place.

Playing your sport.    Community sport is not permitted, but clubs can open for recreational exercise with a maximum of 10 people in a group. Clubs need to manage this and may feel it is possible to have a number of small groups on their lawns. This may be feasible for some clubs, but please be conservative. As the Health Officer stated today, if in doubt then don’t.

Travelling to the regions.    If you live in one of the 11 LGAs in SE Queensland, then you should not be travelling to play at a regional club.

Competitions.    All competitions are suspended until 4pm Sunday 22 August.

Please remember that your club is very visible, and all players need to ensure that our sport is seen to do the right thing.

Greg Whymark
CAQ COVID Safe Advisor
tel:  0418 158 701

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