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Impact of Covid on 2021 CAQ Events

5 August 2021

As you would know SE Queensland went into lockdown on Saturday afternoon at 4pm. On that day the Association Men’s Open Singles were in progress at Eildon and had to be stopped after only one game, so that everyone could return home before 4pm.

Next weekend we planned to hold the Association Women’s Open Singles at Headland-Buderim. Although the current lockdown is due to end on Tuesday evening, there is a possibility of the lockdown being extended.

CAQ Management Committee have decided to postpone that event until such a time as we can be more confident of being able to hold the event.

There are 12 CAQ events remaining in this year’s calendar. The Committee have decided to keep those events in place, but players must be aware that all events are at risk of cancellation.

For future events during this time of uncertainty, we will make  the decision about cancellation one week before the event. Players should be aware that all events are subject to change due to COVID restrictions.

Where CAQ postpone an event, we will keep entry fees for the revised date unless the entrants request to withdraw and have the entry fee refunded.

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