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National Outdoor Croquet Lights Survey

11 October 2021

The below questionnaire link has been developed by Wal Mills and Gary Phipps to:

  1. Help improve and sign off an Australian Standard for outdoor croquet lights.
  2. Assist clubs wishing to apply for a grant so they can have the best information possible.

Additional Information

There are grants currently available for outdoor lighting in some states. For example, in Queensland there is one to install or upgrade sport lights or develop/upgrade playing surfaces / spaces including irrigation (refer to links below).

Any club in Australia needing help when applying for a grant can also contact:

Ashley Leighton from Green Energy Queensland who specialises in design and installation of sports lights. QBCC Lic No. 15127126


Carolyn Ribone who can provide assistance with grant application

Before applying for any grant for lighting, ensure you first get council approval.

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