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Our New Photo Competition

19 July 2018

And the winner of round one is...

Headland Buderim Croquet Club

Thanks to Helen Rillie for her photograph!

Winner - Round One

View the other great entries from Round One

Croquet Association of Queensland - Photo Competition

Vote today for your favourite photograph in Round Two of the Croquet Association of Queensland photo competition! 

The winning photographer in each round will receive $20.

Then, the winning photograph of each round goes into a Final Round at the end of the year with a fantastic first prize of $500 for your club!

Entries for Round Three can be sent to photocomp(at)croquetqld.org - include your name, email address (not published), a caption and the club where it was taken.

Images should be at least 800 pixels in width or height (i.e. bigger is better).

Voting is open to all members, so even if you don't have a photo to submit, check it out and vote for your favourite from each round.

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