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State Director Referee, Golf Croquet - Expressions of Interest

11 March 2020

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest are sought from registered players who are interested in the currently vacant position of State Director Referee - Golf Croquet.

If you are interested please submit a one page resume to secretary(at)croquetqld.org.

The State Director, Referees, Golf Croquet, is a Specific Duty Officer position and is therefore subject to Section C, Part A, Rule 30, General, and Section B, State Directors, Rule 31 of CAQ's By-Laws.

The State Director, Referees, Golf Croquet is

  • a Specific Duty Officer who is appointed by the Management Committee and is therefore responsible to the Management Committee,
  • must be a CAQ Registered Player and
  • an ACA Golf Croquet Referee and a member of the ACA Committee;
  • is the Chair of the Director of Referees, Golf Croquet Sub-Committee;
  • is the Tournament Referee for the Australian Bronze Medal, Golf Croquet, Event;
  • is the Tournament Referee for all CAQ Golf Croquet Tournaments and events and as such is a member of the Tournament and Event Sub-Committee.

The Director, Referees, Golf Croquet, is responsible for

  • The activities of the Sub-Committee;
  • Keeping within budget allocated to the Sub-Committee, whether it be CAQ-funded and/or Grant-funded;
  • Supplying written reports to the following:
    • to the Management Committee every three (3) months;
    • supplying a written annual report to the Management Committee prior to the January Management Committee meeting in the following year;
    • submitting an annual report of the State's referee acitivities to the National Refereeing Director, Golf Croquet, in time for the ACA Annual Meeting each year;
  • Providing statistics of activities completed and costs involved to the Association's Grant Manager every six months
  • Attending a Management Committee meeting as required (See By-Laws);
  • Receiving monies from the sale of ACA referee examination papers and for conducting referee examinations and forwarding such monies to the Treasurer;
  • Providing relevant forms and receipts for reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of Croquet Queensland in accordance with the Association's Budget Planning Policy document.

The State Director, Referees, Golf Croquet, will

  • at all times observe the Association's Rules, By-Laws and Policies as set out in the relevant documents;
  • provide succession planning or the incoming person when the position is vacated;
  • provide input into the organisation's Strategic Plan and other consequential arrangements (Marketing Plan, Operational Plan, specific grant applicaitons etc.);
  • consider, debate and vote on issues before the Referees, Golf Croquet sub-committee on the basis of the best interests of the organisation only;
  • promote the organisation in the community as opportunities arise;
  • avoid making any improper use of any information acquired by virtue of their position in the organisation so as to gain any material advantage for themselves, or for any other person, including other members of the sub-committeem or to the detriment of the organisation.

Other duties of the State Director, Referees, Golf Croquet, are as follows:

  • where applicable, liaise with the National Director of Golf Croquet Referees and directors in other states on matters of interest relating to their Code;
  • at all times conduct sub-committee business politely and with consideration for others, without ill feeling, improper bias or personal animosity;
  • maintain contact with Member Clubs, offering and responding to requests for advice and assistance in regards to these croquet games;
  • ensure all Regions have access to classes, examinations and referees courses;
  • keep records of players who have obtained qualification as referee/umpire and upload them to Association's database;
  • foward a current list to the ACA National Director of Referees, Golf Croquet twice a year;
  • prepare regular updates of Referees Notes for the CAQ website;
  • liaise with both the Director of Coaching and Director of Referees, Association Croquet, when arranging specific referee sessions in regions.

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