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Forming a New Club

Forming a New Croquet Club in Queensland


  1. Instigators contact the nearest Officer of Sport and Recreation Qld and call a Public Meeting (preferably on a Sunday afternoon).
  2. Invite a CAQ representative, Local Councillors, School Principals, other sporting bodies, representatives from local Apex, Lions, Probus, Rotary, RSL Clubs, Real Estate Agents, Tourist Associations, Progress Associations etc. and any others you may have in your area.
  3. Publicise the meeting in the local Press and Radio with a brief story.
  4. If sufficient interest generated, form a club and consider locations. Even consider amalgamation with a Bowls Club or Golf Club for mutual benefit with the use of common Clubhouse and Greenkeeper.
  5. Consider starting the process towards incorporation.
  6. Consider obtaining an Australian Business Number (ABN)

After Formation

  1. Maintain interest, seek a temporary area to play on - Bowls Green, School Oval or Council Parkland.
  2. Seek assistance from the Regional Committee of CAQ for Coaching and any other information.
  3. Seek Local Council help with site acquisition, green construction etc.
    Strike a nominal membership fee. The Club name should identify its location.

Site Considerations

  1. Is the site reasonably level?
  2. Is it well drained - if not, can it be done? Is it flood prone?
  3. Is the soil satisfactory?
  4. Is there room enough for 1, 2, 3, 4 or more courts, equipment storage and a clubhouse?
  5. Erection of fencing
  6. Installation of the watering system
  7. Lighting a possible future desire for evening Croquet
  8. Type of grass to be sown, court preparation etc. - see local greenkeepers, Local T.A.F.E. College. Kill original turf if necessary.

Financial Assistance

  1. State Government Grants for new clubs - See Local Member
  2. Incorporation of Club through Consumer Affairs Dept., GPO Box 3111, Brisbane 4001.
  3. CAQ Membership requires Incorporation, ABN, Annual Club Affiliation Fee plus CAQ levies from each club member (costs available from CAQ Secretary), minimum of 7 registered players, proof of tenure of land. List of players names, addresses etc.
  4. ACA Grant ($600) may be granted after affiliation with CAQ.
  5. Other sources of funding - Jupiters Casino, Gaming Machine Community Benefit Fund, Local Council.
  6. Club membership and playing fees to apply when play commences.

When Reasonably Established

  1. Organise an 'Open Day' or 'Come and Try" to attract new members.
  2. Maintain contact with your Regional Coaching Directors and Referees. Obtain Law Books from the CAQ.
  3. 'Beginners Croquet' books from CAQ.
  4. Subscribe to ACA 'Croquet Australia' magazine and the 'Croquet Newsletter'.
  5. Encourage members to play in Club, Regional and CAQ Events.
  6. Appoint a delegate to the Regional Committee and a delegate or proxy to the CAQ.
  7. Appoint a Handicap Committee to handicap players as they progress (club handicap). Seek help from CAQ for initial Handicap procedure.
  8. If a contractor is not engaged for mowing, enquire for a good second hand cylinder mower from Bowls Club, Golf Club, Rover, Scott-Bonnar, Winston-Suttle, 'Trading Post' etc. A new mower may cost approximately $6000

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