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Mackay Croquet Club

Street Address

105 Juliet Street, South Mackay

Postal Address

PO Box 6233, Mackay Mail Centre Qld 4740

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0413 500 897

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President: Paul Lanigan

Treasurer: Beth McKenzie

Secretary: Anne Clutterbuck

Play Days

Association Croquet:

  • Wednesday 1pm
  • Saturday 1pm

Gold Croquet:

  • Tuesday 1pm
  • Saturday 1pm


Club History

Founded: 1908

There is evidence that croquet was played in the Mackay area in the early 1900's. A photograph published in July 1904 in the Sydney Mail shows players on a croquet green at Summerlands, near the lagoons. It was in 1908 that the Mackay Croquet Club was formed.

The Club was officially opened on Wednesday 29th September 1909, the same afternoon as the Bowls Club, and about 130 ladies and gentlemen attended. Early members consisted mainly of school teachers and “women of  consequence and standing”.

There were few clubs available for women in those times, and even less for low impact sport for older, less active or mature ladies. The club kept a low profile for the first twenty-five years with a steady membership.

Mackay Croquet Club

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