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Point Lookout Croquet Club

Featured Club in March 2020

Location: 23 North Street, Maryborough, 4650
No of lawns: 4
Disciplines played: Association Croquet, Golf Croquet and Ricochet
Contact telephone: 0435 648 582
Play days: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons at 1pm and Wednesday morning 8am.
President: Rob Robertson
Treasurer:  Wayne Lusk

Point Lookout Croquet Club, Maryborough has a proud history. Founded in1898, it is the longest established club in Queensland and thanks to the initiative of its founding members, the Club owns this asset which, we believe, makes us the only club in Queensland, if not Australia, to do so. The club colours are Royal Blue and Gold. The Club flag and badge reflect these colours.

This year the club was granted the privilege of conducting the Australian Gold and Silver Medals (Association) from March 10 – 12 prior to the Eire Cup. We are delighted, as a Regional Club, to have been given this honour, as the three-day event pits each State’s Bronze medal winner against each other. Our entrant is David Luxmoore from Burleigh Heads Palm Beach croquet club.  We will learn much from this experience and watch in awe at the skills displayed by these top competitors.

Point Lookout Croquet Club Maryborough is located at 23 North St. Maryborough, 4650 and will be 122 years old this year. The Club has four excellent lawns, without lights at present. A clubhouse is built on this property, along with two large storage sheds. The club is three blocks from the city centre, about 40m from the main road to Hervey Bay and within walking distance of several quality motels. There is a portable BBQ and a full kitchen is available.

 There are eight covered sitting areas around the lawns and a number of free-standing bench seats which are backed by gardens, shrubs, hedges and neighbouring trees.

The Club has 34 members who play three mallet sports - Association, Ricochet and Golf Croquet.  At this point in time we do not play Gateball.  A large percentage of out members play at least two of the mentioned games. Club playing days are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons at 1pm and Wednesday morning 8am. These times may change during summer months.

Point Lookout Club is a friendly club which invites new members to join in a friendly atmosphere while playing a sport which can be both competitive and social.

All prospective members are invited to a Come and Try session to introduce them to the Croquet world. Those still interested are offered six (6) lessons. The Club has four coaches capable of teaching the three disciplines played and three Referees.

We play Pennants in three disciplines and have held the Ricochet Pennants for two years. We acquit ourselves well in the other Pennants played.
Bi-annually we conduct the Wide Bay Burnett Tournament alternating with Bundaberg. In September, Pt. Lookout runs the Masters Games offering both Association and Ricochet Competition over two weekends. We also support the other Clubs in our Region in any Events they organize. Many of our members like to travel and participate in Tournaments outside of our Region.

In addition, Our Club is available for hire. There are some restrictions concerning insurance which have to be adhered to, but please do contact us if you have a function – we might be able to provide a unique location.

So, if you live in the Bundaberg / Point Lookout area and you are interested in expanding your social and sport activities, please do consider the Point Lookout Croquet Club.

Contact telephone: 0435 648 582

Email address:  pointlookout(at)croquetqld.org

Facebook page: Point Lookout Croquet Club

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