It Pays To Start Young

Tom Knight, now aged 21, started playing croquet at the age of 11 at Merthyr Croquet Club because his Mother thought it would be a sport he would enjoy. Throughout his youth, Tom played many other sports such as soccer, cricket and tennis but continued with croquet on and off before he became really serious about concentrating on the sport at the age of 17.

He has had great coaches such as Ernie Melville who helped him improve his game. Playing Association Croquet, in 2011 Tom won the Windsor Cup, for the second year running, and the CAQ Division 1 Championship Medal. He has represented QLD in the Eire Cup.

Playing Golf Croquet, Tom represented Australia in the World Golf Croquet Championships Under 21 held at Hunstanton in England. (haven’t represented Australia in anything else).

Tom uses any opportunity he can to assist other young people to stick with croquet, to develop their skills and to aim to represent their state and country. He is studying Engineering at QUT so is a busy person who enjoys motorcycles as well as croquet.