Hall of Recognition

June Hutton

I began my croquet adventure by joining the Bundaberg Club in late 1980.

My two wonderful patient coaches were Mrs Phyl Wright and Mrs Connie Schipke.  I remember thinking that I would never learn to play this complicated game and maybe I wouldn’t return the next week. However I kept going back and after a few weeks started to understand our great game.

After I learned the basics, I was very fortunate that Mrs Grace Pohle took me ‘under her wing’ and taught me the finer points of the game.

In 1982 at Merthyr, I played in my first Bronze Medal.  Bundaberg scooped the pool by taking the first 3 places, with Greg Bury first (then 14 years old), myself second and Naomi Pohle third.  We were all hooked. After playing and winning events in various tournaments, I was selected and won the QCA Gold Medal in 1986, and was selected in the State Team for the first of ten years in 1988.

In 1991 Queensland won the Eire Cup.

I was runner-up to Betty Belz in the Australian Ladies Singles in Perth in 1995.

Owing to family responsibilities I did not play often from 2000 till 2011, but am now enjoying my croquet once more.

June Hutton

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