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Mrs Margaret Ann Milne

Margaret Ann  was born in 1897 to James and Margaret Nesbitt in Redfern, Sydney. On the 10th May 1911 Margaret married David Howat Milne the son of George and Mary Milne (nee Bovaird). David was born on the 7th September 1886. By 1931 David and Margaret were living at ‘Afton’, 98 Coonan Street, Indooroopilly and the electoral roll has David listed as a clerk. David died on the 3rd September 1964. He was survived by Margaret and Miss Thelma Milne, Mr & Mrs Noel H Milne and their sons Craig and Ross.  Mrs Milne is the Graceville Croquet Club most successful player ever as an be seen by her achievements listed below.

Mrs Milne also found time to be club secretary from 1946 to 1950. When she retired from the club she donated her mallet inscribed, ACA Championship 1950 Captain Queensland team in 1st ACA Championship, to the club where it hangs as an inspiration to us all.
GCC doubles championship with S Trotter 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932
Gold Medal winner 1933
GCC championship singles 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1950
NSW championship singles 1938
Metropolitan championshp 1938
Gold Medal open championship runner up 1938
Downs tournament championship 1940 & doubles with S Sowden
Downs tournament championship 1946
Downs tournament championship 1947 & 1948 doubles with J Gibson
GCC championship singles 1948 & doubles with N Carter
GCC championship singles & handicap 1949 & Downs doubles with J Gibson
Captain Qld team at 1st ACA championships 1950
Interstate Cup player 1949-50 -51
Representative on ACA council for NSW 1951 & for Qld 1954 & 1966
QCA Referee
Test Representative with Mrs Sowden 1935  for NSW 1938 and QLD 1939

Mrs Milne

GCC doubles c/s with S Trotter 1929
GCC doubles c/s with S Trotter 1930
GCC doubles c/s with S Trotter 1931
GCC doubles c/s with S Trotter 1932
Gold Medal winner 1933
GCC champion singles 1935
GCC champion singles 1936
GCC champion singles 1937
GCC champion singles 1938 NSW singles C/S  1938 Winner Metropolitan C/S
Gold Medal runner-up  open c/s 1938

Downs tournament singles c/s 1940 Downs doubles c/s with S Sowden 1940
Downs tournament singles c/s 1946
Downs tournament singles c/s 1947 Downs doubles c/s with J Gibson 1947
Downs tournament singles c/s 1948 Downs doubles c/s with J Gibson 1948
GCC doubles c/s with N Carter 1948 GCC h/c singles 1948
GCC champion singles 1949 Downs GCC h/c singles J Gibson 1949
GCC  h/c singles 1949
GCC champioship singles 1950
Interstate Cup 1949-50
Interstate Cup 1950-51
Capt Australian championship 1950

Test Representative with Mrs Sowden 1935 for NSW 1938 and QLD 1939
Australian Croquet Council referee 1966

GCC secretary    1946-1950

Mrs Margaret Ann Milne

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