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Short history of Margaret Fulton Pitter

Margaret Fulton Pitter was born on the 14th May 1890 the first daughter of Robert and Mary Edith Lang (nee Allen).

In her early youth she lived in Maryborough before the family moved to Warwick. On the 21st November 1913 Margaret married William Rhodes Pitter at Aberfeldy, the home of her parents.

Her husband, the eldest son of Mr and Mrs W R Pitter of Brisbane, was an accountant in a large insurance company. William was born at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane in 1888, the son of a wheelwright and coach maker. The Warwick Examiner and Times (29 Nov 1913), gives a detailed description of the wedding, dresses, flowers and guests. The bridesmaids were her sister Edith and Bertha Pitter, William’s sister. The best man was William’s brother, Raymond and Robert Lang was groomsman. After the wedding William and Margaret caught the Thallon mail train to Brisbane. By 1925 William and Margaret were living at Abbotsford, Clarence Road, Indooroopilly.

Margaret was one of the first members of the club and became involved in the management. She was honorary secretary from 1925 to1938 and again from 1939 to 1945. The Brisbane Courier (30 July 1927) has a photo of Mrs S A Sowden (Graceville club president) and Mrs W R Pitter as official manager and assistant manager of the Queensland Croquet Association’s interstate tournament. On 26th September 1928 this paper again feature these two women, and Mrs Milne, amongst the prize winners at the Interstate Croquet Tournament at Merthyr lawns. Mrs Sowden stands out in the photo as she is sitting very straight and erect while the other ladies look comfortably relaxed. The Queenslander (19 Sept 1929) recorded that Mrs Pitter won the Qld Championship and the British Gold Medal (donated by the British Croquet Association). There are further photos in the Brisbane Courier (28 June 1932) of the Graceville  team,  Mesdames Milne, Sowden, Rees and Pitter winners of the B grade pennants and on 19 June 1933 Mr T Nimmo MLA presenting the English Croquet Association gold medal to Mrs Pitter at the Graceville Croquet Club.

William and Margaret Pitter must have been in the social scene in Brisbane in the 1930s as the Brisbane Courier mentions their movements frequently eg. a party for their daughter Leslie in 1933 and a holiday at the beach. William by 1930 was sub-manager of the insurance company. He was also good at bowls but better still on the ‘cello. (Western Champion 27th Sept 1930) The Courier representative attending the Graceville club for a Florin Afternoon in 1933, to raise funds for the installation of lights, wrote Mrs S Sowden (president) and Mrs W R Pitter (secretary) received the guests. Mrs Sowden had her black elegant crepe frock relieved with grey. Mrs Pitter was frocked in check Swiss muslin and she wore a hat of brown polished straw. The paper reported a Bridge benefit at the club (10 May 1938) when Mrs Sowden and Mrs Pitter  welcomed 50 people to the evening. On 11 August 1936 they reported on a croquet demonstration attended by 60 players and given by Mesdames Belland, Pitter and Miss Patterson  at South Brisbane  Croquet Club.

In the Brisbane Courier (28 August 1933) the following article TROPHIES PRESENTED  at Croquet Tournament. In the croquet players’ world, the event of the year is the annual interstate tournament which culminated on the McIlwraith lawns on Saturday afternoon in a brillant contest for the Queensland open championship between Mrs W R Pitter and Mrs J McConachie. Every movement of the play being followed with the keenest interest by about 250 onlookers. In annexing the honours Mrs W R Pitter achieved an outstanding feat in Queensland history, for the shield which has been competed for since 1911, now becomes her property since she has thrice won it. Following the excitement of the contest was the presentation of the trophies which made an attractive on the table. Mrs W Forgan Smith …was introduced by Mrs S Sowden (president of the QCA)…The article then goes on to describe the other special guests and players and what each person was wearing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if croquet could attract crowds like this today.

Below is a list of the know events won by Margaret Pitter

Graceville croquet club singles championship  in 1927-28-30-32-33 and the handicap singles in 1929- 30
She was a Queensland Gold Medal finalists in 1929-30-32 and won the Sankey Challenge Shield at Clayfield Croquet Club in 1930-31-32 Under the conditions of this event any person who won this event three times in a row got to keep the shield. Mrs Pitter won this magnificent silver shield which was donated to the Graceville croquet  club where it now hangs in a place of honour.

William Pitter died in 1947 and Margaret in 1949 after a short illness.

Mrs W R Pitter

GCC club champion 1927
GCC club champion 1928
The Sankey Challenge Shield 1929
at Clayfield CC 1930
at Clayfield CC 1931
GCC handicap singles 1929
GCC champion singles 1930
GCC handicap singles 1930
GCC handicap singles 1932
GCC handicap singles 1933
Gold Medal finalists 1929
Gold Medal finalists 1930
Gold Medal finalists 1932

GCC secretary 1925 to 1938 and 1939 to 1945

Mrs Margaret Fulton Pitter
Margaret Fulton Pitter (nee Lang 1890-1949) ready to go to croquet club
Mrs Margaret Fulton Pitter
Margaret Fulton Pitter (nee Lang 1890-1949) ready to go to croquet club

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