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Croquet Queensland is the registered name of Croquet Association Queensland Inc (CAQ), a non-profit organization.

The object of CAQ is to promote, organise and develop the sport of Croquet in the State of Queensland.

CAQ, has forty-three (41) Member Clubs, all of which are autonomous incorporated Croquet Clubs. These Clubs are designated into geographical regions. The members of these Clubs are CAQ Registered Players.

The general control and management of the affairs, property and funds of CAQ is vested in the Regional Management Committee. This committee consists of the Office Bearers (President, Vice President and Treasurer), and Regional Delegates (each also representing the interests of the Members and Registered Players in their region).

The committee delegates some of its powers to elected or appointed subcommittees or Specific Duty Officers.

CAQ is a member of the national Croquet organisation, Australian Croquet Association Inc (ACA/Croquet Australia).

An interesting team mallet sport, Gateball, while not strictly a croquet game, comes under the auspices of CAQ, who have registered the name, Gateball Queensland.

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