GC Referee Training Course

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Patricia Habner

The GC Referee Course is made up of 4 parts:-

Pt 1   a short online session covering general principles of officiating, with a few questions.  it can be done in a number of sessions if you need to take a break.  A certificate is issued at the end of the session.  The certificate has a unique number you will need to record or print.

Pt 2   An open-book questionnaire that requires you to consult the rule book.  This is an excellent way to learn the rules and can be done in pairs or groups to help you learn how to use the rule book.  When completed it should be sent to an Examining Referee for marking.

After these two there is a face-to-face session with Referee Trainers which can be done in a number of ways, either by Zoom or by having the trainer visit your group.

Part 3  A lawn craft session on the court with the Examining Referee

Part 4  A question and answer session with the Examining Referee

When all parts are completed satisfactorily you will be given a referee kit, an ACA badge and a Referee vest.



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