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To get in touch with a coach in your area, contact your local club or the state coaching director.

Accredited Coach Trainers

Lynda Davis - QLD State Director of Coaching
Barbara Northcott - State Director Gateball
Jim Northcott - Assistant State Director Gateball

Keith McLeod, Greg Whymark

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Renewal Dates

Accreditation renewals for this year and the next are available by following the link above.

Become a Coach

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the improvement of mallet sports.  A most rewarding approach is to become a Coach and assist others to become proficient and the best that they can be.

The first step is to discuss the matter with your Club Coach and follow their guidance through the qualification pathway and by sending the attached form to the State Director of Coaching.

More About Coaches

CAQ relies on a network of accredited Coaches to introduce new players to the mallet sports and aid development of skills and tactics in chosen sports.

Accreditation against a set of standards is essential so that players receive the benefit of the most up to date support, presented in accordance with most recent and best practice.

Coaches receive accreditation, initially for a period of four years and are required to update their knowledge and skills within that period in order to retain accreditation. Coaches are also required to be actively involved and to record their coaching activity.

Our coaching accreditations are supported by the National Coach Introduction.

Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), an initiative of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

NCAS accreditation requires that our coach training programs contain elements that are general and not sports-specific. Some of these elements are provided in the ACA and CAQ programs and some are provided externally, through NCAS.

It is ACA and CAQ policy that only accredited coaches provide coaching services to players. While non-qualified club members may have great personal skills, they have not received the appropriate coach training. If non-accredited players are used as mentors, this should be under the direction of an accredited coach.

Until 2016, ACA Coach accreditation programs had increasingly lost their ASC accreditation, but were still recognized by ACA. Many CAQ Coaches had been accredited under these systems as Association Coach, Beginner, Level1 and Level1, Golf Croquet Coach Beginner and Level 1 and Ricochet Coach. Those Coaches retain their accreditation at the stated level, until their specified date of expiry, or until re-qualified under the post 2016 programs.

A new, ASC accredited system of qualification is being progressively introduced. A pre-requisite is completion of the ASC Community Coaching General Principles. You can find this on-line course at plus completing the Basic Skills card for the endorsements you are seeking.

ACA components of the new system are, in general terms:

  • Assistant Coach.  A non accredited course which enables new Coaches to teach the most basic elements of all mallet sports: e.g. holding a mallet, striking a ball, running a hoop.  The Assistant Coach generally works under supervision of a more senior Coach.
  • Foundation Coach (Level 1) the first level of accreditation begins the education of Coaches in general matters related to the coaching process.  The Foundation Coach normally seeks endorsement to teach a range of prescribed skills and tactics in one or more of the mallet sports.  The Coach is equipped with a Session Plan for each of the subjects covered by the endorsement.
  • Club Coach (Level 2) to be released January 2017 The Club Coach receives training in development and implementation of coaching programs at club level and the tasking and supervision of junior Coaches in the club.  A potential Club Coach can become qualified to deliver individual modules of the Level 2 program which eventually lead to full qualification at that Level.

Outline plans exist for creations of additional levels of Coaching Accreditation, to equip Coaches progressively develop their knowledge and skills to cover coaching, Club Coach(Level 2), Team Coach (Level 3) & Under 21 players, These levels are under development and their content will be announced as appropriate.

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