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To get in touch with a coach in your area, contact your local club or the state coaching director.

ACA Certified Coach Trainers

Greg Bury - National Coaching Coordinator

Lynda Davis - QLD State Director of Coaching

Dick Byres  

Keith McLeod

Barbara Northcott

Jim Northcott

Brian Rubock

Greg Whymark


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            How to apply for a Blue Card      Not online

Go to Gov web page: Blue Card:  Volunteer.

Print the first 3 pages. Fill in the top half of the first page .your Club President can sign this section as the CAQ Representative, complete the other sections. Scan and email to the address provided or mail .


Become a Coach

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the improvement of mallet sports.  A most rewarding approach is to become a Coach and assist others to become proficient and the best that they can be.

The first step is to discuss the matter with your Club Coach and follow their guidance through the qualification pathway and by sending an Application form to the State Director of Coaching.

More About Coaches

CAQ relies on a network of ACA Certified Coaches to introduce new players to the mallet sports and aid development of skills and tactics in chosen sports.

ACA Certification against a set of standards is essential so that players receive the benefit of the most up to date support, presented in accordance with most recent and best practice.

Coaches receive certification, initially for a period of four years and are required to update their knowledge and skills within that period in order to retain certification. Coaches are also required to be actively involved and to record their coaching activity.

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