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Events Management

Information for the Events Coordinator, Venue Managers and Tournament Committee

NB:  Gateball events are managed by the Director of Gateball Qld; however – all entries and fees for Gateball events must be directed through the State Events Manager/Coordinator. After the event the results should also be sent to the Events Manager/Coordinator.

Events Coordinator

  1. Ensure that venue managers and host clubs are suitably prepared for the event.
  2. Prepare and distribute a notice to all clubs, and the web officer, four weeks before the closing date of any event. The notice should contain:
    • name of event
    • venue/s
    • date and start times
    • draw – seeded/unseeded; date, time & place
    • format of play, if known
    • handicap margins – if applicable
    • perpetual trophies – if applicable
    • entry fee/s; information on how to pay
    • entry form/s and how to access on the web site
    • closing date for event
    • official functions that may occur.
  3. Arrange with host club for venue manager and supply of refreshments
  4. Arrange with State Director of Referees for referees
  5. Arrange presentation of prizes
  6. Organize prizes and delivery to host club
  7. Code invoices before sending to treasurer eg: purchase of prizes
  8. Keep record of entrants – check all information on entry form
  9. The draw, and format of play will be emailed to venue manager/s, referee/s, and players; and will also be posted to the web site.
  10. Check that venue manager has access and knowledge of how to use “croquetscores.com”

After the Event

  • code any other expenses eg: travel forms – send to treasurer
  • arrange for engraving on perpetual trophy, when the trophy is returned to CAQ
  • record winner’s name/s in the record folder of perpetual trophies
  • notify ACA the number of entrants and the winners in the Association and Golf Bronze medals events.
  • at the end of the year, prepare a profit and loss statement for the treasurer

Venue Managers

At the venue the appointed manager is responsible to the Events Coordinator.

Please remind all players re the standard conditions of play.

  • ensure that all conditions for the event are followed
  • ensure all court maintainence is in place and that courts are ready for play each day
  • check that referees equipment is available
  • ensure players are aware of all facilities, including refreshments
  • ensure health and safety guidelines, and requirements are met as per CAQ policies. Ensure first aid kit is fully stocked and at hand
  • prepare manager’s flow charts and player score sheet; set up program on “croquetscores.com”. Players names to be in full on all forms. Results must be posted to “croquetscores.com” – thus eliminating the need for “grids” in the program. If venue managers wish to use grids they may use their own. Events Coordinator can access results from “croquetscores”.

The draw and the order of play should be posted to the notice board for all players to view.

  • check handicap of all players before the start of the event; keep a record of any changes that occur during the event –  form can be downloaded from the web site.
  • post daily draws as early as possible on the preceding day
  • update results to the “croquetscores.com” after each round and at the end of the day’s play

After the Event

  1. Forward handicap changes to the handicap officer;  ensure all results are on “croquetscores.com”
  2. Written reports will not be necessary unless an adverse situation or incident occurs – the report should be forwarded to the Events manager/coordinator, and the Director of the Code within seven days of the event.
  3. It will not be necessary to submit an expenses claim form (from January 2015); events manager/coordinator will instruct the Treasurer to pay an amount according to the new format which is as follows:
    • Clubs will be paid $25 per court per day, all inclusive (court hire, refreshments for appointed officials, and incidentals). Clubs will be asked to supply bank details as payment will be made by EFT.
    • Travel expenses will be paid separately – claimant to forward form to the Events manager/coordinator within seven days of the event; please supply bank details. Forms are available on the web
  4. return the perpetual trophy to CAQ office (if won by an interstate player) – engraving will be arranged by CAQ staff. Qld players may keep the trophy for a period of 3 months – it must then be returned to the CAQ office where the engraving will be attended by CAQ staff  (from January 2015)

General Information

(Please print and display the following document in a prominent place at your club)

Tournament Committee   

  1. Meets at least once a year to discuss events and determine the makeup of the calendar of events for the following year. ACA events take precedence, followed by CAQ events, then regional events and club events.
  2. ACA and CAQ events are documented on a separate calendar; regional and club events on another. The draft copy of the ACA/CAQ events is to be forwarded to the clubs by the end of August. Clubs wishing to host an event can apply – using the official forms available on the web – by the end of October each year.
  3. Regional secretaries can apply to have regional and club events entered on the regional and club events calendar by the end of October each year using the official forms available on the web. If there is a conflict of dates between regions or clubs, the events manager will contact those parties concerned. Clubs are encouraged to advertise their gala days and other social days using their own home page and other media outlets such as the web, T.V. the MSX etc.
  4. All requests for events on both calendars are to be sent to the events manager/coordinator by the end of October each year. The completed calendars will then be sent to all clubs, the management committee, and other outlets, by the end of November each year.
  5. Any changes to the calendars must be made through the events manager/coordinator.

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