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CAQ Medal Acceptance Form

Please complete this form when accepting or declining an invitation to a CAQ medal event.


Complete the following section for players under 18 years of age:

hereby give my consent for him/her to participate in the event and agree to be bound by the above release and indemnity and agree to delegate. The venue manager may take whatever action deemed necessary to ensure the safety and well being of players.

Form instructions

Please complete this form within seven days of the date of this invitation, even if you do not accept the invitation.  reserves should also reply to this invitation, and if you are required to fill a vacancy, you will be advised and asked to forward the entry fee.

Conditions of acceptance

At the time of signing this form I acknowledge and declare that:

  1. I am a Financially Registered Queensland Croquet Player, and I agree to abide by the Qld Player Code of Conduct.
  2. I hereby release the CAQ from any and all liability and forever indemnify and hold harmless the said Association in respect of my death, injury or sickness and from liabilities for expenses of any kind incurred by me during the event. Also I am aware of and accept the Anti-Doping Policy of the Association, and the CAQ By-Laws and Regulations.
  3. I authorise the Venue Manager to obtain for me any medical assistance when deemed necessary should an accident or illness occur and agree to make arrangements for the payment of all medical expenses myself.  Should there be a medical emergency I authorise the Venue Manager to contact my designated emergency contact
  4. If a player has a particular health problem that an attending medical officer should be aware of in an emergency, then it is The responsibility of the player to submit the relevant medical information in a sealed envelop to the Venue manager before the event begins.
  5. I give my consent to the taking of and the release of photographs of my image to be used for promotion of the sport of Croquet.
  6. I agree to conform to the conditions set out above.


Please pay entry fee to Croquet Association of Queensland to confirm entry.
Either by Direct Credit (EFT) with name and event name to BOQ, BSB No: 124-070, Account No: 10010114, Use Reference: 8501 and Surname.
or by posting a cheque with a copy of this form to CAQ office at 150 Caxton Street Milton, QLD. 4064

Refunds will be in full if entry withdrawn before closing date, 50% refund if before draw is conducted. No refund will be made when withdrawing after the draw.

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