There are a number of mallet sports which come under the name of Croquet. They are classified as opposed target sports.

There are certain commonalities in mallet sports:
• games are played on a flat, level grassed surface, with hoops and a centre peg fixed according to the rules;
• the course is specified as to the number and order of hoops through which the player must strike the ball/s;
• sides alternate in playing, and during a turn, the in-player may strike with the mallet only the ball elected as the striker’s ball for that turn;
• a turn is initially one stroke, but depending on the specific game additional strokes may be earned, allowing balls to be maneuvered to positions of advantage to the in-player and/or to the disadvantage of the opponent;
• while attempting to score points according to the rules, the player is, as well, trying to thwart the opponent’s opportunities to do the same in a subsequent turn.