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The Emmie Cornelius Trophy

Emmie CorneliusFrom 1986 the Emmie Cornelius Trophy was awarded for this event. Emmie served croquet for 40 years. She joined Merthyr Croquet Club in 1952. In 1956 when the club was struggling with low membership she formed a new committee and supervised the subsequent flourishing of the club with her forthright manner and managerial expertise. The Merthyr Croquet Club clubhouse (originally built by the Council) burnt down in 1961. It was re-built by Emmie’s husband and son partially through insurance but mainly through funds raised by Emmie Cornelius and her committee.

Emmie was the driving force behind the establishment of tournaments at Southport and the other clubs on the Gold Coast. She made weekly trips to clubs in that area to coach players. Emmie introduced 3rd and 4th Division events to encourage newer players. CAQ still uses the beautiful trophies that were donated at the time for these events.
Emmie was CAQ President 1967-69; she represented Queensland in Interstate croquet tournaments 1968-71.
The trophy was donated by Betty Haupt in recognition and admiration of Emmie Cornelius.

CAQ Open Singles Championship

1911 Miss Robin Royle (NSW)

1912 Mr GH Gordon (NSW)

1924 Mrs Dinsdale; Mrs Jeffars

1926 Mrs Bell

1927 Mrs T Bell

1928 Mrs Margetts

1930 Mrs R S Gibson

1931 Mrs R S Gibson

1932 Mrs W Pitter

1933 Mrs W Pitter

1934 Mrs G Arnold

1935 Mrs D H Milne

1936 Mrs F Bridgman

1937 Mrs F Bridgman

1938 Mrs F Bridgman

1939 Mrs K Sapsford

1947 Mrs H Rogers

1948 Mrs H Rogers

1949 Mrs Milne

1953 Mr Wally Crowther

1962 O. Farrell

1969 Mrs Flo Hough

1970 Tom Howat (Vic)

1971 Mrs G French

1972 Lorraine Bray

1973 Mr Derek Russell

1974 Joan Hurrell

1975 Lorraine Bray

1976 Lorraine Bray

1977 Mrs C Pownall

1978 Audrey Pownall

1979 Freda Millard

1980 Lorraine Bray

1981 Lorraine Bray

1982 Bruce Ford

1983 Bruce Ford

1985 Bruce Fleming

1986 Bevan Jeppson

1987 Aggie Read

1988 Audrey Pownall

1989 Greg Bury

1990 Aggie Read

1991 Ian Costin

1992 Greg Bury

1993 Greg Bury

1994 Greg Bury

1995 Bruce Fleming

1996 Bruce Fleming

1997 Bruce Fleming

1998 Les Watson

1999 Bruce Fleming

2000 Ian Dumergue

2001 Les Watson

2002 Bruce Fleming

2003 Les Watson

2004 Bruce Fleming

2005 Tony Hall

2006 Bruce Fleming

2007 Les Watson

2008 Jocelyn Sutton

2009 John Hardy

2010 Phillip Drew

2011 Malcolm Fletcher

2012 Malcolm Fletcher

2013 David Wise

2014 Alan Honey

2015 Alan Honey

2016 Greg Whymark

2017 Kevin Beard

2018 Leslie Watson

2019 Leslie Watson

2020 Leslie Watson

2021 Heather Knight

2022 Leslie Watson

2023 Mike Gidding

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