ACA Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal

The English Croquet Association Association awarded the following Medals to any other association that affiliated to them.

They stopped with the outbreak of WW2.

Some states may have tried to continue the idea on their own, Western Australia did so for two years.

The concept did not restart until the Australian Croquet Council was formed. The English decided to donate a silver and bronze medal to the ACC to present, this was in 1952.

Gold Silver

1924 Mrs E T Harding Mrs W Ewart

1925 Mrs T A Bell Mrs Alexander Pirie

1926 Mrs T A Bell Mrs M Lewis

1927 Mrs T H Dinsdale Mrs S M Chapman

1928 Mrs R S Gibson Mrs F Robinson

1929 Mrs W R Pitter Mrs J Gibson

1930 Mrs W R Pitter Mrs George Arnold

1931 Mrs T A Bell Mrs T A Crozier

1932 Mrs W R Pitter Mrs T A Crozier

1933 Mrs D H Milne Mrs H P Owen

1934 Mrs F Bridgman Mrs K Sandberg

1935 Mrs Bridgman Mrs F Peake

1936 Mrs F Bridgman Mrs M Pentecost

1937 Mrs F Bridgman Mrs J A R Thompson

1938 Mrs D H Milne Mrs J C Snowden

1939 Mrs E D Kenyon Mrs V Irvine

ACC then ACA Bronze Medal (Qld) and Silver or Gold in that year.

1952 Walter Crowther

1953 Walter Crowther

1954 Walter Crowther

1955 Edna Cathcart ACA Silver Medal

1956 Edna Cathcart

1957 Hedley Gunton ACA Gold Medal

1958 Hedley Gunton ACA Gold Medal

1959 Edna Rudder ACA Silver Medal

1960 Hedley Gunton ACA Gold Medal

1961 Edna Cathcart

1962 Hedley Gunton

1963 Hedley Gunton

1964 Edna Rudder

1965 Edna Rudder

1966 Flo Hough

1967 Flo Hough

1968 Flo Hough

1969 Hedley Gunton

1970 Edna Rudder

1971 Flo Hough

1972 Lorraine Bray

1973 Berryl Robinson

1974 Grace Pohle

1975 Lorraine Bray

1976 Lorraine Bray

1977 Hazel Maxwell

1978 Lorraine Bray ACA Silver Medal

1979 Lillian Gander


1981 Lorraine Bray

1982 Lorraine Bray

1983 Bruce Ford

1984 Bruce Ford

1985 Bruce Ford

1986 Bruce Fleming

1987 Bruce Fleming ACA Gold Medal

1988 Greg Bury ACA Silver Medal

1989 Aggy Read

1990 Greg Bury ACA Silver Medal

1991 Aggy Read

1992 Aggy Read

1993 Bruce Fleming ACA Gold Medal

1994 Aggy Read

1995 Brett Hewitt

1996 Brett Hewitt

1997 Brett Hewitt

1998 Bruce Fleming ACA Gold Medal

1999 Bruce Fleming ACA Gold medal

2000 Max Donati

2001 Les Watson ACA Silver Medal

2002 Les Watson

2003 Bruce Fleming ACA Gold Medal

2004 Bruce Fleming

2005 Max Donati

2006 Les Watson

2007 John Philpott

2008 Shane Davis ACA Silver Medal

2009 Ernie Melville

2010 Jocelyn Sutton

2011 Don Close

2012 John Philpott

2013 Geoff Jamieson

2014 Bruce Fleming

2015 Greg Whymark

2016 Troy McCallum

2017 Les Watson

2018 Dave Luxmoore

2019 Dave Luxmoore

2020 Troy McCallum

2021 Dave Luxmoore

2022 Dave Luxmoore

2023 Dave Luxmoore  ACA Bronze Medal

2024 Bruce Fleming  ACA Silver Medal

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