Fleming Trophy

Women's Singles Championship


Dr. Elizabeth Fleming plays AC, GC and Gateball at international level. She has served the croquet community as an administrator, coach and referee at local, state, national and international level. She donated this trophy to celebrate the inaugural National Women's Golf Croquet Tournament and to support open competition among Queensland's women players.

Liz was President of CAQ 2009-2011. She is a previous member of the International Laws Committee and is currently a member of the WCF Ac Laws Committee.

During her Association Croquet playing career she became the highest ranked female player in the world.


2009    Elizabeth Fleming          Windsor

2010    Margaret Melville          Windsor

2011    Rosemary Newsham     Stephens

2012    Susan Bertram                Caloundra

2013    Gaye Pitman                    Stephens

2014    Susan Bertram                Caloundra

2015   Gaye Pitman                     Stephens

2016   Rosemary Newsham      Stephens

2017   Helen Rillie                        Headland Buderim

2018   Helen Rillie                        Headland Buderim

2019   Elaine Berridge                 Twin Rivers

2020   Beryl Turner                      Southport

2021   Mary McMahon                Southport

2022   Mary McMahon                Southport

2023   Mary McMahon                Southport


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