Mollie Muller Plate

Mollie Muller Joined East Brisbane Club in 1982 and won the Club Championship a number of times. She served the club in a variety of ways including Club President. Mollie became a referee in the mid 90s and refereed at state and national events with distinction. She also served on various CAQ Committees over the years. Mollie was very pleased to present the awards in the Mollie Muller Medley event in 2014.

The Mollie Muller Tray was first awarded in 2001 to the winner of the Plate Event of the Association 2nd Division Championship

2001 Dorothy Mackay

2002 Lance Turner

2003 Robyn Stock

2004 Barry Sutton

2005 Peter Stevenson

2006 Willy Silk

2007 John Byers

It was subsequently awarded to the winner of the AC Div 2 Championship.

2013 Lindsay David

2014 Ralph Allan

2015 Geoff Dickie

2016 Gail Hopkins (Vic)

2017 Cynthia Tacey

2018 Greg Kerswell

2019 Yuni Rowell

2020 not played

2021 Jacky Lynch

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