Pam Shepherd Open Singles Trophy

Pam Shepherd was inspired by Golf Croquet during a visit to the 2004 World Golf Croquet Tournament in New Zealand. With the support of Judy Fowler at CAQ she generated huge enthusiasm for the new game. Its popularity grew by way of small events, then Pennants, and now there is a full program of tournaments each year.

Pam was responsible for the huge development and promotion of Golf Croquet throughout Queensland during her time as Director of Golf Croquet. Pam donated several of the major trophies awarded to winners of major Golf Croquet events.

Pam securd funding enabling publication and distribution of “Through the Hoops” (Greg Bury).

Pam continues to enjoy and support croquet at her Headland Buderim Club and often presents the trophies she donated at the respective events.



Lawrie Simpson

R/U Geoff Jamieson


Geoff Jamieson

R/U Terry Ericson


Peter Nicholson

R/U Geoff Jamieson


Gordon Giles

R/U Ross Rillie


Ross Rillie

R/U Geoff Hull


Gordon Giles

R/U Geoff Jamieson


Greg Bury

R/U Lawrie Simpson

2022 Gordon Giles  
2023 Ross Rillie  


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