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G Ball


To provide practice in hitting balls through a hoop in sequence- mainly for children aged 6 years and upward.


  • Gateball sticks or small Croquet Mallets
  • Balls from a Gateball set numbered 1,2,3,4 where 1& 3 are  red and 2 & 4 are white
  •  Six croquet hoops or Gateball Gates set up on a smaller scale than a full sized croquet lawn

How to Play

The rules follow Golf Croquet rules except for the balls. Instead of black and blue being partner balls, use red balls 1 & 3 from a Gateball set. Similarly, instead of red and yellow, use the white balls numbered 2 and 4 as partner balls.

The circuit for the game is the same as for Golf Croquet. The first ball through the hoop/ gate claims that hoop. The first to claim 7 hoops wins. Or, you could adjust the number of hoops that are needed to win to just the 6 hoops on the circuit.

If a club is fortunate enough to have the special rubberized balls for concrete or artificial surfaces plus the stand-alone gates and goal pole, this is a wonderful game for children whatever the weather conditions.

NB Children are good at counting 1 to 4 so they play sequentially just like in Gateball. Because of this, the next group of players could use the balls 5,6,7 and 8. Balls 5 and 7 are red while the balls 6 and 8 are white so they have partner balls and can play sequentially for this game.

G Ball Lessons

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