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Configuring Your Email Account

First Things First - Webmail

You can access Webmail by going to https://webmail.croquetqld.org on any computer. Logging in through Webmail is the easiest way to confirm that you are using the correct username and password for your croquetqld.org email account.

You can opt to only ever access your email account using Webmail - many of you do.

Go to Webmail login >

Using a Mail Client

If your Mail Client has been setup and working for some time, and is now having trouble sending or receiving mail, please check your settings by looking at the Mail Client Manual Settings below.

If you would like to setup a mail client or reset a mail client on your personal / club computer such as Outlook or Windows Mail, follow these steps:

Step 1.

Make sure your mail program is closed before you start.

Step 2.

Login to your Webmail account as explained above.

Step 3.

Once logged in, click on the user menu and choose Configure Mail Client.

Configure Mail Client page

On the Configure Mail Client page there are multiple options

Step 4.

Click the IMAP over SSL/TLS option that relates to your ail Client.

Step 5.

Once you click on your option a small window will appear.  Click Proceed.

Step 6.

Then choose to Run or Open.

If the only option you are given is to Save, choose that and save it somewhere easy to find, like your Desktop or Downloads folder.  When it has finished saving, you will need to find the file where you saved it on your computer.  The file will be named something like mail.croquetqld.org%20Secure%20Email%20Setup.vbs
Double click on that file to Open it.

Step 7.

Your mail program will open.  It will ask you for your username and password - which are exactly the same as for Webmail.

Step 8.

If there is a checkbox asking if you want to Remember Password - check it.

Configuration scripts for Windows and Apple

If You Use Apple Devices (iMac, iPad, iPhone)

Most people will be using Outlook on a Windows computer.  If you use Apple products (iMac, iPad, iPhone), please take these steps instead...

Step 1.

On the Configure Mail Client page, scroll down to email instructions and enter an email address that you can access from your Apple device.

Step 2.

Open your email on your Apple device and find the email you have just sent to yourself.  It will be called [croquetqld] Email configuration setting for youraccount(at)croquetqld.org

Step 3.

That email has an attachment on it called youraccount(at)croquetqld.org.mobileconfig.  Double click that attachment to run it and configure your croquetqld email on your Apple device.

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