Contact Information

The Brisbane South Region committee meets every first Monday of the month at Graceville CC.

CAQ Board meets every third Tuesday of the month. Motions to be submitted a week before the meeting.

Brisbane – 3239 0770: Ipswich – 3280 1875

Regional Chair: Val Layne    3395 4094 / 0439714312
Regional Representative to CAQ:
Regional Secretary:
Regional Treasurer:      Chester Cutcliffe   32861897

Club Representatives

East Brisbane: John Desmarchelier
Graceville : Joan Hogarth       3371 3969
Stephens :  Val Layne     3395 4094
Louise Johnston    0417773428
Wynnum : John Carter    3207 5059 / 0439762143
Chester   Cutcliffe    3286 1897
Regional Association Coaching Co-ordinator: Vacant
Regional Golf Co-ordinator: Vacant
Regional Ricochet Co-ordinator: Vacant
Regional Gateball Co-ordinator: Vacant
Regional Refereeing Coordinator: Vacant

NCAS Level 1 Coach
John Carter, Ernie Melville

NCAS Beginner Coach
Joan Hogarth, Barry Nichol, Tom Knight, Heather Knight, Doug Williams, Bruce McAlister, Helen David, Lindsay David

ACA Examining Referee

ACA Association Referee
Ernie Melville, Douglas Williams

ACA Association Umpire
John Desmarchelier, Gregory Kerswell

ACA Golf Croquet Referee
Barry Nichol, Dell Nichol, Keith Walsh, David Jones

Golf Croquet Examining Referee.
Barry Nichol

AGP Gateball Referee Level 2
Bruce McAlister, Donald O’Doherty, Geoffery Percival, Adele Stokes, Ronald Stokes