2024 Aust Handicap Golf Croquet Champs - Albury

Published Sun 09 Jun 2024

2024 Australian Golf Croquet

Handicap Doubles & Singles


Australia's major GC handicap event is in Albury

Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th October 2024

Dates may vary slightly depending upon the number of entries.

·      Doubles - Tues 22 to Wed AM 22 Oct

·      Singles  - Wed PM 23 to Friday 25 Oct


This will be the third year that these events are held at Albury since 2019 (covid-19 cancelled 2020 & 2021), and we’re keen to build on the success of 2023.  Talk to your friends and other members of your Club; get a group together and encourage them to enter one of Australia’s most enjoyable national competitions.



  You can enter on-line via the Croquet Australia website, for both Singles & Doubles.

You can nominate your own Doubles partner, or enter by yourself and ask for a partner.

Existing entries are listed in these events on Croquet Scores


If confused or have a query, just email

Entries close midnight Thursday 3 October 2024 (WA time)


Tournament Manager:              Sarina Cevaal-Hewitt

Tournament Referee:               Jim Clement

Tournament Handicapper:       TBC

ACA Events:                              TBC

Headquarters:                  Twin City Croquet Club, at the Albury Tennis Association,
365 Townsend Street, South Albury (8 courts – more if required).

Entries:                             on-line via ACA website
2024 Australian GC Handicap Doubles/entry

2024 Australian GC Handicap Singles/entry  

2024 Australian GC Handicap Singles/student & U21 entry  

Closing Date for Entry:   Thursday 3 October 2024

Entry fees:                        Doubles: $50 per player      

                                           Singles:  $90 per player

Full time students (under 25) and players aged under 21 at 31 December 2023 are entitled to 50% reduction of the above fees.

Hoops & Balls:                 Quadway hoops will be used, set to 3 ¾”.
Dawson Mark 2 balls will be used.

Functions:                        Informal Barbeque: Monday 21 October at 6.00pm.

Tournament Presentation after each final.
Tournament Dinner Friday 25 Oct, if enough demand.

Practice:                           By arrangement with organisers from noon Monday 21 Oct,
and Wednesday AM if this does not interfere with the Doubles Final

Accommodation:             Contact the organisers for advice on

Catering:                           Tea & coffee free; snacks & lunches available for purchase


1.   Australian Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles  (Holders: Clare Wilson & Simon Kempson)

22-23 Sept.  Entries are limited to 16 pairs in order of receipt, but we may need an additional day (Monday 21 Oct) if entries exceed expectations so be careful booking accommodation.  Players will be allocated a partner if entering without one.  We expect play to commence in seeded blocks (up to 8 pairs per block).  Qualifying pairs will be re-seeded for the knock out phase.  Matches are single 13-point games except for knock-outs which will be best-of-3 if time permits.  Matches will start untimed, but the manager may impose a time limit if necessary.  There will be a plate event if entries justify it.

2.   Australian Golf Croquet Handicap Singles  (Holder: Peter Webb)

23-25 Oct.  Entries are limited to 32 players in order of receipt.  Depending on entries we expect play to commence in seeded blocks (up to 8 players per block).  Qualifying players will be re-seeded for the knock-out phase.  Matches will be single 13-point games except that knock-outs will be best-of-3 if time allows.  Players are expected to play up to 6 games and/or 7 rounds per day.  Matches will start untimed, but the manager may impose a time limit if necessary.  A plate will be held for players eliminated from the knock-out.

Conditions – the WCF 2022 GC Rules will be used, but we are using Advantage Play not Extra Strokes.  Detailed conditions are in the ACA Tournament Regulations & will be in the Event Program.

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