Tasmanian 2024 President’s Golf Croquet Eights

Published Fri 08 Dec 2023

Depending on entries, we will also play up to 4 more Eights at the Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea; including a Women’s Eight. Note that we do not intend to play more than 4 Eights at Cairnlea again…

Close of EoI has been brought forward to 17 December, to facilitate booking accommodation & travel.

Players have the option to not go to Launceston if picked in the top 2 Eights, but will not then be offered a place in another Eight at Cairnlea (you get better competition if you play in your correct Eight.)

We have re-introduced the reimbursement scheme, to encourage players from further away to come to the Eights. The CA Board will determine entry fees for 2024 shortly.

Interested players should send their Expression of Interest, by cob Sunday 17 December, via email to
Please include your name, ACA ID, Club & your contact phone number.

Existing EoIs are listed on Croquet Scores at

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