Queensland GC Div 1 & Div 2 Medals Results

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This year the Queensland Div 1 Medals were hosted by Caloundra and the Div 2 by Bribie. Both venues were in very good condition and players were looked after very well. Susan Bertram was TM for the Div 1 Event and Greg Whymark The Div 2. Thank you to both and their teams for hosting excellent events.

This event typically has a field of eight players who are nominated by clubs, coaches colleagues or self and are then selected from the nominations by the State Selection Committee. This year the Div 1 Block had 8 and the Div 2 had 7 (due to a late withdrawal.

The format is a double round robin of 13 point games. A full round on day one and a repeat on day two.

Division 1 Results

Full Results> >HERE<

Winner: Lawrie Simpson (Eildon)
Runner-up: Gordon Giles (Wynnum)
Third: Peter Nicholson

The Div 1 medal was a competition that was strongly contested from the from the first round match with Elaine Rubock being the lowest rank player beating the 2 highest ranked players. And the first place was contested to the very last round, with Lawrie Simpson the eventual winner Gordon Giles second on hoops count and Peter Nicholson 3rd.

Caloundra Club was complimented on the superb condition of our courts and thanked for the wonderful hospitality of many home baked delights in particular Robin Brown, wife of member Paul for her very tasty mini sausage rolls and savoury muffins.
The event manager trialed a new system where each player was given in a clipboard folder a list of all there games for the day, which meant the players could stay on the courts and play consecutive games without going back and forth to the club house, which in Caloundra’s case is a fair distance and inevitably means a coffee, a chat and a delay. This new approach kept players on the courts and the event remained well on time .

Tournament Manager Sue Bertram presenting Lawrie Simpson first place honors

The Div 1 field this year was Lawrie Simpson, Gordon Giles, Ross Rillie, Tom Komene, Dennis Green, Elaine Rubock, Geoff Dickie and Peter Nicholson

Division 2 Results

Full Results> >HERE<

Winner: Richard Pickvance
Runner-up: Graham McLean
Third: Tony Watson


The Winner of the Div 2 Queensland Medal was Richard Pickvance from Graham McLean but what a close finish. The tournament is a double round robin and the ACA Tournament regulations state that the winner is: The player who has won the most games (Both had 10 wins) then if tied the most net hoops (Both had +23) then the result of the games between each other (1 game each).

If it is this close the tournament regulations leave the tie breaking means to the Tournament Manager. Greg Whymark asked the players to play a 7 hoop game, this meant the first player to win 4 hoops would be the winner. Richard won the tie breaker 4-1.

Graham McLean, Tony Watson, TM Greg Whymark, Winner; Richard Pickvance