Thankyou CAQ for your support

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Thanks to CAQ & Brisbane City Council from Stephens Croquet Club

We acknowledge with many thanks the efforts of contractors employed by the Council who replaced our very unsightly and dangerous retaining wall next to Lawn 1. It’s made a huge improvement to our site and to the Yeronga Memorial Park.

We also acknowledge the valuable contribution of Brisbane City Council by way of funds from the Community Facilities program and the Suburban Initiative Fund. We have been able to  replace the old, worn and inadequate pavers and thus guarantee safe passage of members and community in and out of our facility. We also removed vegetation that was starting to compromise fencing on the southern alignment.

We are currently writing a grant application to the Brisbane City Council in relation to BCC History Grants – Community History; we are applying for funding to renovate the Honour Boards in the Clubhouse. Our efforts to highlight the heritage provenance of our Clubhouse are almost at an end after our efforts since 2014 to upgrade the amenity, appearance and safety of the facility.

Many thanks to Nicole Johnston for her prompt and useful advice, as well as support